Two Lifestyle Choices Proven to Help You Loose Excess Fat


Drink enough Water: Drinking water, even clear soup, right before meals can help you consume up to 22% fewer calories at the meal. Numerous studies  have shown that consuming 1-2 glasses of water, right before eating,  can reduce hunger and increase fullness and satisfaction. Ayurveda suggests drinking room temperature water vs. chilled water to ensure effective digestion of the food.

sleepGet enough sleep:  Sleep mismanagement (Less than 7 hours of sleep) is one of the strongest drivers of fat gain, weight gain and obesity related health risks of heart and blood sugar related diseases. Based on research conducted across 600,000 people you have a 55% higher chance of being obese as an adult and  89% as a child if you habitually sleep less than 7 hours per day. This systematic review of research conducted across + 600, 000 people around the world, across various demographics –  young, adult and old – strongly links too little sleep with weight gain, obesity and significant increased risk of heart and blood sugar related disease like pre-diabetes and Type 2 diabetes.

Lack of sleep results in poor regulation of  two key dietary hormones that manage hunger and satisfaction. The lack  of sleep (5-6 hours)  vs. healthy sleeping (7-8 hours ) has been proven to increase Ghrelin ( hormone that signals hunger) and decrease Leptin (hormone that inhibits hunger) increasing appetite by 24%. This results in a person, on an average, consuming 400- 600 calories extra per day resulting in 3-4 lbs of fat gain per month.

In a 2016 study of over 1,000 people in the US, sleeping less than 8 hours increased  Body Mass Index of 3 out of 4 people and was  proportional to the decrease in hours of sleep less than 8 hours.

Certain ethnicity especially Chinese seem to be more prone to  sleep related disorder (sleep apnea) resulting less sound sleep resulting  in higher weight gain