How do I increase my HDL?

Ask DNACategory: NutritionHow do I increase my HDL?
Anonymous asked 4 years ago

I am a male who is 56 years old from South India.  My height is 6′ and weigh 162 lbs. Both sides of my families have cardiovascular issues. I exercise about 20 min a day and take Omega 3, eat a lot of good fats, and eat a reasonably healthy diet.  I also drink a glass of red wine every day. Nevertheless, my HDL is between 28-35.  I have tried over the counter Niacin but didn’t see much result.  What do you suggest that I can take or do to raise the HDL?

Ranjan Sinha Staff replied 4 years ago

We would like to know some more about you and your diet to give you adequate guidance? Would you be ready to share that? What are your Omega 3 sources?What is reasonable healthy diet? Feel free to share a typical days food.Are you a vegetarian? Do you eat eggs or can consume milk?What is your waist circumference? What is your Triglyceride level and LDL (c)?