How do I increase my HDL?

Ask DNACategory: NutritionHow do I increase my HDL?
Anonymous asked 3 years ago

where can i buy fluoxetine online I am a male who is 56 years old from South India.  My height is 6′ and weigh 162 lbs. Both sides of my families have cardiovascular issues. I exercise about 20 min a day and take Omega 3, eat a lot of good fats, and eat a reasonably healthy diet.  I also drink a glass of red wine every day. Nevertheless, my HDL is between 28-35.  I have tried over the counter Niacin but didn’t see much result.  What do you suggest that I can take or do to raise the HDL?

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Ranjan Sinha Staff replied 3 years ago

buy Lyrica in australia We would like to know some more about you and your diet to give you adequate guidance? Would you be ready to share that? What are your Omega 3 sources?What is reasonable healthy diet? Feel free to share a typical days food.Are you a vegetarian? Do you eat eggs or can consume milk?What is your waist circumference? What is your Triglyceride level and LDL (c)?