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Onmyoji turn-based game, for which corresponds to the release of NetEase Games, finally received the English version. Come original premiere took place already in 2016, still much looking forward to the English release of the game, this is still not the official global premiere of the game and is not available with us from official sources, but it certainly is a step in the right direction. Onmyoji is a game that tells the story of a world filled with war between people and demons, for control over the world. In the game itself we have the opportunity to play together with friends and build your own team with summoned ghosts called Shikigami, each of which has its own set of skills and its own history. Onmyoji is definitely a game worth watching, since the premiere in 2016, she has already won such awards as, among others: the most competitive game on Facebook in 2016 and the place on the best of 2017 Google Play list.

Onmyoji last year was one of the top mobile games on Asian markets, including countries such as China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Early records of the English-language version of the game at the moment are available to users from the United States and Canada, on both platforms, both iOS and Android. The global release date is not known yet, but you can expect it to come soon. Probably some of you are wondering what the game has to offer, which has been so successful and has been downloaded over 200 million times. Well, let’s go, for starters, it’s worth mentioning a very well-designed turn-based combat system that will test our real-world skills in PvP and PvE modes, nice three-dimensional graphics in the style of Japanese anime, interesting plot and many more. Onmyoji English version of NetEase, finally made its debut on iOS and Android, as announced. Playing off mobile platforms will also be available on facebook and PC via Steam. One of the most anticipated games for years, now available in the mobile market. Onmyoji is a turn-based RPG game with a very interesting combat system that will require us to plan our next steps with a long delay.

The game itself will offer us, an engaging campaign and clashes with real players from around the world, the ability to compose and develop your own team, with hundreds of unique characters, each of which has its own history and unique skills. For players who like to socialize with others in the game will also feature an extensive guild system and the ability to play with friends. Immerse yourself in the world before our time: Onmyoji is a 3D RPG games Netease. Currently, you can play the beta version for free on Android and iOS. In the App Store, this is one of the top 10 games applications this year and has recently received an update. Are you fans of JRPG such as Final Fantasy? Then you’ll appreciate the Heian game and you will quickly find your way. An epic adventure takes place in Japan during the Heian period, where people and demons lived together.

It starts with the story of Abe no Seimei. When you search for your memories, you find out that Onmyojis exists. They are people with supernatural gifts: they can summon ghosts and control them. The goal is to preserve peace between people and demons. Additionally Shikigami know the game. These are fictional creatures of Japanese mythology that are very similar to ghosts. You can find them in different places. You can expect special skills and exciting stories with them. Among other things, your job is to train them and call them to battle. You can fight the demons alone or join other and fight together. In addition, you and your Shikigami have essentially three attacks: a normal, passive and special attack. In addition, you should know that various Shikigamis interact with each other. You have a large selection of team skills and variations. In addition, there are separate chapters through which you can go. They are beautifully designed in their narrative and graphical implementation: so you can immerse yourself in the world of your character. So far the game is available in English only. If you want to play on the computer, wait a minute, until the Steam version.

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