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All in all, argan oil is a real goodie but we do not fully understand the special miracle status it enjoys. Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (MAP)—20% Vitamin C, 6 ingredients, Vitamin C is 2nd and 3rd is Hyaluronic Acid. That being said, this high concentration serum produces visible results. Also helps to keep products stay nice longer by neutralizing the metal ions in the formula. It’s a handy multi-tasking ingredient that gives the skin a nice, soft feel. The remaining amount of Vitamin C percentage is unknown as manufacturers recently changes formula. Other than that I only know that Hyaluronic Acid makes you photosensitive. Used alone, it can make the formula sticky and it is a good team player so it is usually combined with other thickeners and so-called rheology modifiers (helper ingredients that adjust the flow and thus the feel of the formula). TL;DR: we should be vigilant for the derivative of Vitamin C our potential serum claims to contain. It does have some very nice properties indeed, though famous dermatologist Leslie Baumann warns us in her book that most of the evidence is anecdotal and the plant might be a bit overhyped. An error has occurred. When you reach your early and late 20s, production of collagen reduces. It is amazing I would 100% recommend. The Q&A couldn’t answer the actual percentage and it was not listed on the provided pictures. The famous aloe vera. Benefits Increases collagen production: Collagen is a form of protein that is responsible for keeping the skin looking young and bright. It also contains a relatively large amount of antioxidant vitamin E (600-900 mg/kg, about twice as much as olive), small amounts of antioxidant phenols (including caffeic acid, ferulic acid, and epicatechin), as well as some rare sterols with soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. Not only that but Tremella also seems to have some antioxidant effect, it's not sticky (humectants do tend to be sticky) and it leaves skin moist and smooth. Not all forms are alike, actually, L-AA is the clear winner. L-AA vs the derivatives by u/stressfaced Thanks to this, Tremella is claimed to be an awesome moisturizer with slightly greater water-holding capacities than HA itself. Well, to understand what a wax ester is, you first have to know that oils are chemically triglycerides: one glycerin + three fatty acids attached to it. *Obligatory “This is not exclusively AB”, but was because of the knowledge I gained at AB University! Ascorbic Acid is very unstable in water and with those dropper bottles the question remains how much has degraded, considering shipping times and storage in warehouses. 30ml Face Serum Collagen Whitening Moisturizer. When you reach your early and late 20s, production of collagen reduces. Anyone have any expierences with the bombshell bathtime serum? Btw, Xanthan gum is all natural, a chain of sugar molecules (polysaccharide) produced from individual sugar molecules (glucose and sucrose) via fermentation. Together at 5% B3 they really even skin tone and fade dark spots. The fatty acids attached to the glycerin vary and thus we have many kinds of oils, but they are all triglycerides. If hidden gems could be kept in plain sight on the second page of results, I wonder what more I could be missing out on because I simply don’t know any better. Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, and Ferulic Acid are all crucial in improving skin health and elasticity, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, and … 25-30% of human sebum is also wax esters to give us people environmental protection. I enjoy that with the MAP, you don't have to wait between steps. It also helps to keep products stay nice longer by neutralizing the metal ions in the formula (they usually come from water). Percentage of Vitamin C derivatives goes as following, 10%, 3%, 0.9%. And for me, I did notice a difference when using it. Chemically, a wax ester is a fatty acid + a fatty alcohol, one long molecule. Its special thing is being an osmolyte, a molecule that helps to control cell-water balance. I know that only one listed having a fragrance, most all of them had glass droppers (amber or blue, didn't look into clear containers) for packaging and I can go back and label what is a water-base. Wax esters are on the outer surface of several plant leaves to give them environmental protection. General Info. Benefits Increases collagen production: Collagen is a form of protein that is responsible for keeping the skin looking young and bright. Please try again later! Thank you for your suggestions by the way :). This reminded me of a post I read from the Ordinary‘s website about vitamin C. Not sure if it’s common knowledge or not since I’m pretty new at this but I thought I’d share The Ordinary Vitamin C Guide. It’s approved by Ecocert and also used in the food industry (E415). I guess there might be more for me to consider! Works as an excellent surface hydrator in skincare. Mother Nature created triglycerides to be easily hydrolyzed (be broken down to a glycerin + 3 fatty acid molecules) and oxidized (the fatty acid is broken down into small parts) - this happens basically when we eat fats or oils and our body generates energy from it. 99 ($3.75/Fl Oz) Get it as soon as Wed, Aug 19. It's also unstable and oxidizes fast. The traditional process is that the ripe argan fruits fall from the tree, then goats eat them up and poop out the seeds. That'll slow down the oxidation. A little helper ingredient that is used to adjust the pH of the product. Ascorbic Acid (L-AA) & Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (MAP)—+20% Vitamin C. 19 ingredients, Vitamin C listed as ingredient 3 and 6. If you guys are unfamiliar, AB University has some insight into the scientific world of skincare. Considering the claims of the 7th ingredient being 5%, Vitamin A and Hyaluronic Acid must be a very low percentage considering their order in the ingredient list. Jojoba oil - a wax ester (chemically not a real oil), that's very similar to human sebum. As for skincare, argan oil is loaded with lots of skin goodies (but so are many other plant oils): it contains 80% nourishing and moisturizing unsaturated fatty acids, mainly oleic (38-50%), linoleic (28-38%) and palmitic (10-18%). Regular price $19.99 Sale price $19.99 Sale. Get it as soon as Sat, Nov 21. Not all forms are alike, actually, L-AA is the clear winner. It is the best in terms of collagen synthesis and UV protection, but the low PH can cause issues for some people, not to mention, the instability. While searching for ingredients, I spent some time reading the Q&A section. PURA D'OR Vitamin C Serum with Derma Roller is a welcomed addition to your daily beauty and skincare routine as it helps to achieve radiant skin. This is also true of mixing vitamin C and B3 in the same cream or serum. Now that I've taken it from the fridge, it is quickly oxidizing. 27 ingredients, Vitamin C is listed number 6 and 7. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Continued usage assists in reversing signs of aging. Treating hyperpigmentation? Sharonlee Strahan Villas; Book Now; Book Now; Cookie policy; pura d'or vitamin c serum. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, AB University has some insight into the scientific world of skincare. At a low PH they vitamin C & B3 exchange an electron and form a weak bond. (Many plant oils tend to go off pretty quickly). Not that it's not good, it is good, even great but reading the research about argan and a bunch of other plant oils we just do not see the big, unique differentiating factor (though that might be our fault not reading enough, obvs.). 30ml Face Serum Collagen Whitening Moisturizer. Once the kernels are obtained, the oil is pressed out from them (the kernels contain about 50% oil). Its main thing in cosmetic products is to neutralize the metal ions in the formula (that usually get into there from water) that would otherwise cause some not so nice changes. A sugar beet derived amino acid derivative with nice skin protection and moisturization properties. Because they're all characteristics of vitamin c in dermatologic application. That actually sounds pretty solid, how do you plan on making your own serum? It has vitamin E and ferulic acid in it, which I feel helps soften my skin. No wonder, Concubine Yang Kuei-fei liked this mushroom. Claire-ity Vitamin C Serum is the Vitamin C serum I am currently using. Propanediol is a natural alternative for the often used and often bad-mouthed propylene glycol. ), Multiple Actives: Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, L-Ascorbic Acid (L-AA), Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (MAP), Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate—+10% Vitamin C. 19 ingredients, Vitamin C is listed 3rd, 6th and 7th. At first glance, it seems like your average emollient plant oil: it looks like an oil and it's nourishing and moisturizing to the skin but if we dig a bit deeper, it turns out that jojoba oil is really special and unique: technically - or rather chemically - it's not an oil but a wax ester (and calling it an oil is kind of sloppy). It is present in virtually all elastic body tissues like tendons, ligaments, and fat, among many others. Pura D’Or 20% Vitamin C Serum PURA D'OR 20% Vitamin C Serum ingredients explained: Decolorized Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Propanediol, Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Bark Extract, Tremella Fuciformis Sporocarp (White Jelly Mushroom) Extract, Betaine, Glycerin, Hyaluronic Acid, Ferulic Acid, Methylsulfonylmethane, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Argania Spinosa (Argan) Kernel Oil, Retinol … If you’re curious about this product, they offer a money back guarantee in case you change your mind. My skin (dehydrated) loves the addition of the glycerin and aloe as main ingredients in this serum. Dubbed as the "liquid gold of Morocco", we have to admit we have some trouble determining why this oil enjoys such a special miracle status. I can’t imagine some of the results I could have missed because I didn’t have the patience to investigate over 100 results (ok, it was 102). Third, jojoba oil moisturizes the skin through a unique dual action: on the one hand, it mixes with sebum and forms a thin, non-greasy, semi-occlusive layer; on the other hand, it absorbs into the skin through pores and hair follicles then diffuses into the intercellular spaces of the outer layer of the skin to make it soft and supple. FA - whose main job is to be an antioxidant - owes its fame to a 2005 research that discovered that adding in 0.5% FA to a 15% Vitamin C + 1% Vitamin E solution not only stabilizes the highly unstable, divaish Vit C, but it also doubles the photoprotection abilities of the formula. 21 ingredients, Vitamin C listed 2nd, other actives listed 7th, 10th and 12th (in respective order). A helper ingredient that is used to adjust the pH of the product. Mother Nature also created wax esters but for a totally different purpose. It seems to counteract the "active" dehydration I sometimes get. It is mostly water, but for a non-LAA Vitamin C, it does work. PURA D’OR uses a proprietary blend of organic extracts and oils, including the gold standard for helping heal hair’s individual issues, Argan Oil as well as other natural and plant-based ingredients include Tea Tree Oil, Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Vanilla, vitamins and nutrients. All of these. A great antioxidant that is most famous for stabilizing the highly unstable Vitamin C. It also doubles the photoprotection abilities of Vit C+E formulas. Masques de Protection & Désinfectants pour les Mains. Jojoba is a drought resistant evergreen shrub native to South-western North America. Yes. Although the key word here is LAA alone. I wouldn't recommend buying it from Amazon over the timeless website itself. Contains Hyaluronic salt which according to the Q&A means 2% is Hyaluronic Acid. You can even read that argan might help acne-prone skin, but being a high oleic oil, we would be careful with that. Betain's special thing is being an osmolyte, a molecule that helps to control cell-water balance. A great moisturizer and anti-inflammatory ingredient that also helps wound healing and skin regeneration. What It Is: Pura d'or 20% Vitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic Acid is an effective anti-aging serum infused with all plant base ingredients including Vitamin E, Argan Oil, Aloe Vera, Ferulic Acid and Super Anti-Oxidants What It Does: Pura d'or 20% Vitamin C Serum's Super Concentrated formula is designed to target skin imperfections. Like hyaluronic acid, it contains Glucuronic acid and is claimed to be an awesome moisturizer. 99 ($3.75/Fl Oz) Save more with Subscribe & Save. Aside from Vitamin C, the ingredients list includes a cocktail of beauty powerhouses, including retinol, hyaluronic and ferulic acids, Vitamin E, and jojoba oil. 16oz Healing Organic Aloe Vera Gel - … All vials will vary in price, though most will be within $10-$20 range. LAA is the most researched but that doesn't mean it's the best. Use the PURA D'OR 25% Vitamin C Serum to help improve the overall health of your skin. It's one of the most commonly used thickeners and emulsion stabilizers. It's highly nourishing and moisturizing both for skin and hair. Masques de Protection & Désinfectants pour les Mains. Works in synergy with Vitamin C. Argan oil - the "liquid gold of Morocco" that contains 80% unsaturated fatty acids (oleic and linoleic mainly), and antioxidant vitamin E and phenols. As of yet I have yet to try this sure-to-be HG. This is quite a big deal as HA is known for its crazy water-holding capacity (up to 1000 times its own weight). However the same PH problem exists. 4.4 out of 5 stars 5,402. edit: don't see the point of serums with higher than 25%, since 20% is the maximum effective dosage. 19 ingredients, L-AA 3rd listed and MAP and Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate listed 6th and 7th. It is often coupled with antimicrobial glycols (such as propanediol) to create a "preservative free preservative system" for cosmetic products. The speed it takes to see them makes this a top-rated vitamin C serum. We do a Best of INCIDecoder email once a month with the most interesting products and ingredients we bump into. The seeds are collected and smashed with a stone to get the kernels inside. A polysaccharide (a big sugar molecule) coming from the edible fruit bodies of the Silver Ear mushroom in China. Serum Vitamine C Anti Rides + E-Book GRATUIT pour le Soin Visage - Serum Anti Rides Femme & Homme avec de Acide Hyaluronique Bio qui Stimule le Collagene Pour une Peau Jeune & Radieuse - 30ml . Nos experts ont analysé la composition. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. This is not meant to be unkind, but I find it really odd that you're calling something you haven't tried a HG. :) You are almost done: please check your mailbox to confirm your email! Mad Hippie’s vitamin C serum is another Reddit favorite, and it’s packed with both science-backed ingredients and approachable botanical extracts. Its me says: This product is so good. Thank you! Hello! PURA D’OR 20% Vitamin C Serum for Face is rich in vitamins and minerals that are essential to forming new healthy skin structure and promoting the increase of collagen. Press J to jump to the feed. I don’t usually write reviews but this one forced me to. PURA D'OR 20% Vitamin C sérum (Soins du visageHydratants visage) : découvrez gratuitement si ce produit est dangereux ou sain pour vous. Overnight Therapy. The following ingredient accounts for less than 2%, so this serum is mostly water. PM me if you would like to make any amendments. It's also claimed to be able to neutralize collagen-damaging free radicals, help reduce scars, and revitalize and improve skin elasticity. It's known and grown for jojoba oil, the golden yellow liquid coming from the seeds (about 50% of the weight of the seeds will be oil). 4.5 out of 5 stars 3,549. Even if you heat it to 370 C (698 F) for 96 hours, it does not budge. PURA D'OR 20% Vitamin C Serum Premium Professional Grade (4oz / 118mL) for Face & Eyes Most Complete Formula Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E & Argan Oil, Treatment for Dark Spots, Acne, Wrinkles, Men-Women. Vitamin C is nice because it's an antioxidant and some forms of vitamin C can stimulate collagen synthesis. PURA D'OR Foase Under Eye Patches with 24K Gold - 20pk. It's uniquely excellent at helping the skin with its protective barrier and helping it to stay moisturized. This overnight hyaluronic acid serum contains a 3.0 pH level and functions as a dark spot remover, skin brightening, and anti-aging retinol serum. If it has any water in it at all does that mean it's water based? I'm almost done with my bottle after keeping it in the fridge for a couple of months, during that time the color did not change. 15 ingredients listed, L-AA listed first, but the ingredient list was formatted awkwardly so it may not be in order of ingredient. Thanks. It's quite a multi-tasker: can be used to improve skin moisturization, as a solvent, to boost preservative efficacy or to influence the sensory properties of the end formula. Regular price $19.99 Sale price $19.99 Sale. Its main thing in cosmetic products is to neutralize the metal ions in the formula (that usually get into there from water) that would otherwise cause some not so nice changes. Contient-il des ingrédients indésirables The Vitamin C Serum is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients which are essential in forming new and healthy skin. If the product is too runny, a little xanthan gum will make it more gel-like. The shipping times might be interesting, I think all I could do was list where the seller is shipping from, other than that I read that sellers claimed to pull inventory 3 months before expiration and they give the expiration date as a year. It comes with a derma roller with 540 titanium micro-needles to help increase the absorption of the Vitamin C Serum and other beneficial skin care products. I don’t have much else to compare it, but it did reduce some darkness under the eye as well as leave a silky finish on skin. So Tremella Extract is a big molecule (more than 1M Da molecular weight) with sugar constituents of Mannose, Xylose, and Glucuronic acid (20%). This part is the hard one as the seeds have extremely hard shells. However, I don't think this is as effective of a serum in terms of Vitamin C. For me, it is a great winter active. It can be easily stabilized in formulation and by keeping it in a dark place. Professional Strength with Retinol & Hyaluronic Acid. The typical use level of Xantha Gum is below 1%, it is usually in the 0.1-0.5% range. Collagen synthesis? (Q&A says 20% Ascorbic Acid and 5% L-Ascorbic Acid), Multiple actives: Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Hyaluronic Acid. A chelating agent that helps to preserve cosmetic products by neutralizing the metal ions (especially iron) in the formula (that usually get into there from water). Also timeless puts on the website you can use until about a dark yellow. Premium Professional Grade skin treatment for Dark Spots, Acne, and Wrinkles. But i'm about to start a DIY serum with L-AA. Legend has it, imperial Concubine Yang Kuei-fei - the most beautiful woman in Chinese history - used it for her facial care. Multiple Actives: Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, Vitamin A 3,9 sur 5 étoiles 7 359. I like Timeless's 20% Vitamin C Serum. Good skin is obtainable without the huge price tag as long as you know what and where to look. Some people knew what to ask and got indirect or misleading answers, some people seemed to straight up not know what they were answering. Read all user reviews! L-AA is 10%, MAP is 3% and Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate is 0.3%. All in all definitely a goodie. The tree is slow growing and getting the oil is a hard job. Considering where Vitamin C was listed I would say the percentage is very high. A real oldie but a goodie. A natural corn sugar derived glycol. Pura D’or’s Vitamin C Serum is a mirror image of much pricier serums in many ways. Pura D'or 20% Vitamin C Serum Description. (This is the serum I have tried and I do think it works. Though its name says acid, it's not really an exfoliant. Aloe Vera is one of today’s magic plants. It might also be useful for acne-prone skin as it normalizes keratinization. It's a popular duo. has this not fully proven theory that thanks to this, jojoba might be able to "trick" the skin into thinking it has already produced enough sebum, so it might have "skin balancing" properties for oily skin. Reviewing Pura D'or skin products The Pura D'or organic face cream Pura D'or professional strength 20% vitamin C serum Pura D'or Argan Oil for body, hair and skin. I'll have to dig that article up again sometime. So being a wax ester results in a couple of unique properties: First, jojoba oil is extremely stable. Timeless Skin 20% C + E + Ferulic Acid Serum. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the AsianBeauty community. A big sugar molecule coming from an edible mushroom in China. There's research that shows L-AA is more effective but anti-aging than MAP but MAP has it's own unique benefits. Also, it can help to increase the solubility of some other ingredients in the formula. Also, it's extremely unstable and hard to formulate. 16oz Healing Organic Aloe Vera Gel - Lemongrass. an effective anti-aging serum infused with all plant base ingredients including Vitamin E, Argan Oil, Aloe Vera, Ferulic Acid and Super Anti-Oxidants, Methylsulfonylmethane, MSM;Dimethyl Sulfone. Its special thing is that it also acts as a biostatic and fungistatic agent and remains active even at high pH. It comes with a hygienic pump and, personally, I really like this pump! I also agree about the Asterwood Naturals Vitamin C Serum. A famous natural moisturizing factor that can bind up to 1000 times its own weight in water. It is also a natural osmoprotectant, meaning that it attracts water away from the protein surface and thus protects them from denaturation and increases their thermodynamic stability. 1500+ Renforcer l'immunité Great natural moisturizer and skin-identical ingredient that plays an important role in skin hydration and general skin health. 2 reviews for pura d'or Vitamin C Serum, 4 Ounce. Pure Vitamin C. A skincare superstar that is clinically proven to boost collagen production (in 5-20% concentration), fade hyperpigmentation and boost UV protection under sunscreen. Vitamin A - the most proven anti-aging ingredient available OTC that can smooth wrinkles and make skin firmer. Pura D'OR 20% Vitamin C Serum is developed with Retinol and vegan Hyaluronic Acid based formulas. Does contain alcohol, 12 ingredients, L-AA listed 2nd Ferulic and Hyaluronic Acid are at 0.5%, Multiple Actives: Vitamin C, Ferulic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid. PURA D'OR Foase Under Eye Patches with 24K Gold - 20pk. $14.99 $ 14. Second, jojoba oil is the most similar to human sebum (both being wax esters), and the two are completely miscible. If you have some pure jojoba oil at home, you should be fine using it for years. Surprisingly some of the best finds were on the second page of results. Livraison offerte dès €34.27+ d'achat. There a ton of sources available online about this. C serums might cause a slight tingling on sensitive skin, A natural moisturizer that’s also in our skin, A super common, safe, effective and cheap molecule used for more than 50 years, Not only a simple moisturizer but knows much more: keeps the skin lipids between our skin cells in a healthy (liquid crystal) state, protects against irritation, helps to restore barrier, Effective from as low as 3% with even more benefits at higher concentrations up to 20-40% (around 10% is a good usability-effectiveness sweet spot), High-glycerin moisturizers are awesome for treating severely dry skin, It’s naturally in our skin and behaves there like a sponge, It can bind up to 1000 times its own weight in water, It is a big molecule from repeated subunits (polymer) so different molecular weight versions exist (unfortunately there is no way to determine MW from INCI list only), High-molecular-weight-HA (>500 kDa) is an excellent surface hydrator, skin protectant and can act as an osmotic pump helping water-soluble actives to penetrate deeper into the skin, Low-molecular-weight-HA (< 500 kDa) can hydrate the skin somewhat deeper though it is still a big molecule and works mainly in the epidermis (outer layer of the skin), Low-molecular-weight-HA might also help the skin to repair itself by increasing its self-defense (~ 200kDa used in the study), Ultra-low-molecular-weight-HA (<50kDa) is a controversial ingredient and might work as a pro-inflammatory signal molecule, Primary fat-soluble antioxidant in our skin, Significant photoprotection against UVB rays, Vit C + Vit E work in synergy and provide great photoprotection, Easy to formulate, stable and relatively inexpensive, Retinol (pure Vitamin A) is probably the most proven anti-aging ingredient available OTC, It has to be converted in the skin to retinoic acid to work its magic, Once converted, it has the same effect as all-trans-retinoic acid, aka tretinoin, A generally accepted ballpark number is that retinol is 10-to-20 times less potent than retinoic acid, It makes skin less wrinkled, smoother, firmer and tighter, It might also be helpful for acne prone skin as it normalizes keratinization and makes the pores produce less sebum, Possible side effects and irritation are also much less than with retinoic acid. 0 Comments Unisex • For Skin. The last one is the most important one, as Glucuronic acid is also a major component in hyaluronic acid (HA). I also tried the MAP 10% from The Ordinary, which I really disliked. Like crazy stable. Couple of other studies show that FA just by itself is also a nice addition to cosmetic formulations: it can penetrate the skin (which is kind of important to do the job) and it has protecting properties against UV caused skin damage. Stop wasting your money on useless products and buy this 20% Vitamin C. Brighten & renew Skin . Professional strength Vitamin C for overnight skin renewal with Aloe Vera for added hydration, plus: Retinol helps fade age spots and discoloration with continued use; helps increase collagen production. Ferulic Acid (FA) is a goodie that can be found naturally in plant cell walls. It's a plant extract with some antioxidant properties. I see a difference in my moisture barrier, but not so much with the collagen production and PIH reduction. :), When it comes to cosmetic oils and hype, argan oil is for sure leading the way. The Vitamin C Serum is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients which are essential in forming new and healthy skin. L-AA is listed 3rd (derivatives are in respective order) and by itself is 10% of the ingredients. What research does confirm about Aloe is that it’s a great moisturizer and has several anti-inflammatory (among others contains salicylates, polysaccharides, magnesium lactate and C-glucosyl chromone) as well as some antibacterial components. On balance, the point is this: in contrast to real plant oils, wax esters were designed by Mother Nature to stay on the surface and form a protective, moisturizing barrier and jojoba oil being a wax ester is uniquely excellent at doing that. It's produced sustainably from corn sugar and it's Ecocert approved. PURA D'OR Vitamin C Serum with Derma Roller is a welcomed addition to your daily beauty and skincare routine as it helps to achieve radiant skin. Tried looking but don't really know what ingredients to look for. It also helps wound healing and skin regeneration in general. There is a lot of it especially in the bran of grasses such as rice, wheat and oats. LAA has been proven to be the most effective and not just the most researched. I looked for bottles that were amber or blue, labeled their Vitamin C derivative, and listed L-AA as one of the first 5 ingredients. A place to discuss beauty brands, cosmetics, and skincare from Asia. Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, and Ferulic Acid are all crucial in improving skin health and elasticity, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, and increase … It’s natural for the product to oxidize and change colour a little, but I think that the tinted bottle will help prolong that process too. LAA is the most researched but that doesn't mean it's the best. The creams or serums should not be at a low PH and then there is no problem. After washing your face at night, apply a sufficient amount of face moisturizer and to leave … Asterwood Naturals Vitamin C Serum - :D I use this one! Riding on this: Timeless is the one i use and it is fragrance free. It also gives sensorial benefits to the formula and when used in cleansers, it helps to make them milder and gentler. Perhaps you could mention the type of packaging for each product, if it's water based and if it contains fragrance or phototoxic extracts. I scoured the internet, well Amazon’s first two pages of “vitamin c serum” results and came up with a masterlist of Vitamin C serums that are actually clinically proven to have results! The only issue is that it dries extremely quickly, so you have to be quick about spreading it around. Considering the large number of ingredients, the potency of each of the beginning products listed could potentially be small enough that the 6th and 7th ingredients combined could actually be 25%. Multiple Actives: Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, First Botany Cosmeceuticals Vitamin C Serum, L-AA, MAP, Tetrahexldecyl Ascorbate—+10% Vitamin C. 19 ingredients, Vitamin C listed 3rd, 6th and 7th in respective order. Education is the key to our eternal youth, with patience to inspect our potential products, we can all be wise and beautiful glowing gods and goddess! Vit c derivatives have their pros and cons. I forgot to mention this in the video but if you have open acne or just any type of scratch open on your face the vitamin c serum burns like crazy so be careful! 20% Vitamin C serum at super reasonable price, with natural, plant-based ingredients and some organic ones …

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