strategic account management framework


Building an account plan will help you identify all of the key players who influence the need or preference for your solution. SAM Best Practice #6: Validate the Plan. Continually monitor and measure your performance on each account. Why Account Management Proactively identify account risk Reduce customer churn Increase Customer Lifetime Value. Successful sales leaders build their reputations and careers on their ability to consistently meet or exceed their revenue goals through focused sales strategy execution. Now that you’re convinced WHY you need an account management strategy, let’s talk about how to create one. “SAMA provides us access to best practices, training and research in the areas of strategic account management from innovative selling organizations, including our own successful customers who are members as well. Other candidates that might be designated as strategic accounts include those you consider early adopters or organizations that like to experiment and test new solutions. Make it clear what time frame this plan applies for. The reason behind a pilot is obvious; work out the kinks early and set yourself up for success by being extremely focused. ), Specific long-term goals with short-term benchmarks. Strategic account management (SAM) or key account management focuses on building long-term mutually beneficial partnerships with key customers. Having a strong Strategic account management process help you achieve your full potential as a team, beyond the initial success you may experience already. Founded in 1964, … Although segmentation of customers will vary by business we have outlined below a generic customer segmentation approach and identified an effective tool for each segment. DrupalCon Dublin 2016: Growing your Drupal Business via Strategic Account Management Framework Find the slides here. The acronym used by professionals in this industry is KAM. Key account management requires discipline and structure to succeed. However, successful results don’t prove that your process is mature. Key Account Management Strategy Analysis. How can you determine which accounts are worthy? Once you have a selection process in place and you have identified and assigned your key accounts, you’ll need to develop in-depth customer portfolios. You’ll need to develop a shortlist of selection criteria that hone in on alignments between your two organizations. Track the progression of a sale or relationship. EMEA: +44 (0) 20 7917 1806 They are responsible for nurturing, developing and maintaining a long-term partnership with the customer. Instead of a typical 3-12 month transactional lifecycle, you are creating a strategy for the next 1-3 years. Also, implied in the word "driving" is a connotation of proactivity. Through in-depth research and assessment, strategic account managers find opportunities to drive value for their partners by identifying problems, offering creative solutions, and leveraging partnerships to move both organizations toward their strategic goals. This management plan gives you the benefit to check if you’re providing every partner and customer with the appropriate amount of time. Which clients does he or she brag about often? While there are an unlimited number of initiatives around people, process, and technology that can help you reach your goals, few will be as impactful as establishing key clients as strategic accounts and managing them well. Among our key findings are that Top Performers in Strategic Account Management have strategic account managers who: 1. The most successful organizations rely on formal, measurable, repeatable processes to develop and maintain their most valuable customer relationships. Dependence of Strategic Management in Account Receivable collections Authors: Emma Wallvik & Emmelie Viklund ... strategic management, connected to the resource dependency theory, we will arrive at ... framework, and are improvement of operational efficiency and minimization of Managing a strategic account is an important job that requires consistency and discipline. You probably don’t want an account manager whose strategy is so aggressive that he or she pesters the client or proposes new ideas that are not in the client’s best interest. John’s marketing, sales and product expertise span a multichannel strategic approach. It also includes investment policies which take into account the nature of our liabilities, guarantees and other embedded options given to policyholders. The account management framework we teach covers three key stages of account management: data gathering, strategy sessions and execution. Examples of a high-level sales strategy might include growing market share and launching new products. Selecting more accounts is a recipe for disaster. At Axelerant, we have discovered that there is value to be generated by maintaining focused relationships with existing clients and partners, when delivering Drupal projects and services. If you don’t regularly check up on your progress, it’s easy to get too confident in a … Before you embark on your next strategic initiative or brainstorming session, ask yourself how much potential exists within your strategic accounts and what you need to do to protect and grow these assets. When done right, it is a cross-functional effort to define and create value jointly with major customers. Don’t solely focus your account management strategy on “big logos,” such as Fortune 500 companies or a sexy new startup. Once strategic accounts have been identified at an organizational level, the role of a strategic account manager is to act as the point of contact between the strategic accounts’ stakeholders and the company. 1. This schedule will help you stay updated on what your customer needs, how they are using your product or solution, and how you can help. When done right, it is a cross-functional effort to define and create value jointly with major customers. It takes into account your: Objectives, which are high-level organizational goals. As such, he and his team help clients across 19 verticals drive top line growth and operational efficiency in sales and marketing. It functions as both a strategic planning and management system, and it helps connect a company’s plan to the operational elements that make it happen. Lucidchart helps organizations manage their processes seamlessly. Strategic account management is an important job that requires rigor and discipline. Balanced Scorecard. The two sides (revenue management and key account management) of the diagram reflect the research findings, which demonstrate that company managers had separate agendas and, therefore, different management priorities. Strategic account planning is a complex process that requires tight alignment between sales account teams and their marketing colleagues. Extended team 4. Introduction: Strategic Account Management (SAM) consequently a Used to ensure SAM is a strategic It provides a growing number of the long term approach means to develop companies have development and distinguishable and nurture made SAM part of retention of from account relationships with their core strategy strategic management major customers for customer customers.

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