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Level: Moderate Day Hike. Not required for day hikes; More information can be found on All Trails. I was with two young kids (3 and 7) and so we didn't hike up to the Glacier - instead to the hike to the lake. At least a good chunk of the 1st day will be used up. The trail is one of the most beautiful in all of Glacier. Unless you're already aware of the area, a ranger-guided hike can be a great way to learn something about the flora, fauna (and in Glacier's case, the geology) of the area. Reservations? I can add those. The lake is nestled up against 3,000' cliffs and in the early season...the lake may still be frozen the the "Icebergs" or thick chunks of lake ice may not be broken loose yet. Length 7.1 mi Elevation gain 351 ft Route type Loop Why is it Important? I also tend to shift my meals early, so I'm not waiting in line for dinner. Best in shoulder seasons. After some more elevation, you find yourself above the cliffs and have a little rest area before the final little push up to Upper Grinnell Lake and the Glacier. Highly recommend this route as Highline going back out is not only longer but harder and the loop is mostly downhill. We will be flying into (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? We had already hiked Grinnell Glacier… Of the original 150 glaciers, there are only 25 left in the park, and Grinnell Glacier is one of the most accessible. Many popular hiking trails are not open at that time (for example, the Highline and Grinnell Glacier trails … When you get back to East Glacier Park, drop into the Lodge there to see its famous huge tree lined atrium lobby. When can I hike all the way to Grinnell Glacier? Tips for a Grinnell Lake Hike. This post may contain affiliate links, which Globe Guide receives compensation for with each click or purchase at no additional cost to you. Please consult the … Suggested ITINERARY for you to work from: 6/13...Arrival day, what time? Grinnell Peak is reflected in the still waters of Swiftcurrent Lake at Many Glacier. Also there is no Cell Phone Service or reliable WiFi in the Many Glacier Valley at any hotels there and in other parts of Glacier inside the park. It will help you see the exact roads I have been talking about not only in Alberta but basically down around Glacier Park. Share. Swiftcurrent Pass 6.8 mi (10.9 km) Elevation gain: 2,300 ft (701 m) Trailhead: Swiftcurrent Trailhead, by motor inn parking lot Logan Pass. Are the crowds as bad as I read about it? On those trails, you’re likely to encounter a “trail closed beyond this point” sign somewhere along the way, but getting that far could be rewarding. 6/16 & 6/17...Move to the west side and stay in Apgar or West Glacier. June is also historically, and pretty reliably, our rainiest month...this year we have had rain almost every day in some hail and winds. This indicates the date of the trail status update and the radio number of the individual responsible for the trail … The Grinnell Glacier Overlook portion was no joke. The Grinnell Lake hike is one of the most beautiful trails in Glacier National Park. As previously noted, many higher elevation trails may not be accessible in June due to snow cover. As you ascend, far below the trail you'll see Grinnell Lake, a glacial lake that is a brilliant turquoise color due to the glaciation occurring above it from the Grinnell, Salamander, and Gem glaciers. Grinnell Lake and Glacier Trails; Many Glacier Lodge; Hidden Lake Trail; Lake McDonald; Two Medicine Lake; One Day Visit Plan: You can’t do this park justice in three days, let alone one day. We live in Vermont and it is the closest large airport). Jenna was about to walk around it when the bear turned the corner. Projected initial … The road looks like freeway but there are some towns along it that straddle the road...with stop lights and reduced speeds. How can I improve GNPTG? Separate Lists by Area of the Park. Ranger-led activities include long hikes, short walks, boat tours, and campfire talks. “Grinnell Glacier via Highline Trail (Logan Pass) ... We were not able to go to the very end of the trail because it was still closed due to snow in late June. I have been doing a lot of research and planning and put the Highline Trail at the top of our day hike list only to find out today that this trail doesnt open until July. Perry Rosenbloom is the founder of Glacier National Park Travel Guide. The trail wasn't that crowded at all. Level:Moderate Day Hike. It is now a great lesson on how forests begin to heal after significant fire events. Mid June is actually early for Glacier. Laura M. wrote a review Oct 2019. Glacier’s concessioners operating lodging, restaurants, boat rentals, horseback rides, and bus tours have closed for the season. ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g){document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);})(function(){ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-101192820', '');}, 'log_autolink_impression');Calgary (from Montreal. Planning on Many Glacier area the day we head to Waterton (arrive in Waterton in the evening). Dress warmly when you are can be very cold at times...especially mornings/evenings, in shade or on overcast days... near show/water or when there is wind over snow/water. Going to the Sun Road & Looking Glass Road #49. Bring some rain gear...slicker and head gear at least. Staying at Swiftcurrent made access to great hiking trails very easy. Excellent Trip Report to read for Avid Hikers Planning on Hiking Glacier's Trails. Date of experience: June 2019. The trail to Grinnell Glacier was spectacular, even though we couldn't get past Grinnell Lake to Grinnell Glacier due to a heavy snowfall the night before - this was towards the end of June… We understand we will be further from the GTTSR and may or may not travel the entire way. When to Go:June to September. Grinnell Glacier is typically accessed by hiking round trip from the Many Glacier area. You have plenty of time to get the rooms you want and where you want for June of next year...HONEST. There are two ways to get to this trail. Driving time from Glacier to Banff/Lake Louise? I’m guessing the blooms would have been even better in just a few weeks, perhaps around mid-July. Portions of the trail are accessible to hiking, but the trail is not completely accessible to Grinnell Glacier until late July when trail crew staff, and melting snow, open higher portions of the trail. They’ll have the latest information. More ask by continuing this thread. Along with the trails already mentioned, portions of such trails as Iceberg Lake and Grinnell Glacier may be open. Additionally, hikes in the lower Many Glacier region are likely to be open, too. We receive many emails from Glacier Park visitors wanting advice on hiking Glacier National Park Trails during the month of June- specifically asking about the amount of snow on these Glacier Park Trails… Head to Agpar? When to Go: June to September. The flowers don't really care if you make the exact Festival day...they keep on blooming anyway! CLOSED as part of general east side closure due to pandemic. Black bears and grizzlies occasionally visit the grounds near the hotel. Right from the start, this trail will take your breath away, passing by the Swiftcurrent Creek and winding up towards Lake Josephine. When is the best time to go To Glacier National Park? https:/…2c34f7da-9db3-4592-b587-90a14287919b, Get answers to your questions about Glacier National Park. They are super helpful and if the trail you want to do is closed, they’ll have a great suggestion for you. Almost all of them have returned to tell me!). Along with the trails already mentioned, portions of such trails as Iceberg Lake and Grinnell Glacier may be open. Mount Gould towers above you the entire time as you climb 1600 vertical feet! Knowing which places are the most crowded and being flexible with your schedule will also be a great help. Late June is the BEST time to see Glacier National Park’s waterfalls. Outside of visitor contributions, he writes every single article based off of his unique experiences and knowledge of Glacier. My husband, Jerry and I took a 2 week road trip to Glacier National Park. Why/Why not? Expect Lack of Cell Service & un-reliable WiFi in Glacier! Staying inside the park also helps - things quiet down in the evenings (and are slow to start in the mornings), so getting to a ranger evening program, or heading to a trailhead in the morning are usually pretty easy. We will be staying on the east side of the park near the Many Glacier Hotel. 3...Fishing tours/fly fishing lessons can be taken from West Glacier. More info in the description below. Glacier National Park Pet Friendly Campgrounds, Glacier National Park Hotels with Kitchenette, Hotels near Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park, Browse all 9,309 Glacier National Park topics ». Steep hike 90% of the way, but it did flat a little at the end. Kids will be 10 and 8. We know we want to spend 2 nights in Waterton, which leaves 4 nights in Glacier. You can also see Grinnell Glacier by taking the spur trail on the Highline Trail (this starts at Logan Pass so you can get here via the west entrance) but I am not aware of a way that you can hike to Grinnell Glacier from here. You just don't want to be driving into the Glacier area in the miss the scenery. Preface. Don't expect to hike in shorts and tees in June...layers again and remember the falls make mist. The Grinnell Glacier Trail is one of the most scenic hikes in Glacier National Parks. In the northern region of Glacier National Park, there are plenty of lower elevation trails through valleys and to magnificent lakes. Date of experience: July 2018. Don't panic if everything looks booked already. Relax and plan for the next day...but stay in the same motel. Most hikers visiting the Many Glacier area of Glacier National Park in Montana come to experience the Grinnell Glacier Trail or trek to Iceberg Lake. “Grinnell Glacier via Highline Trail (Logan Pass) ... We were not able to go to the very end of the trail because it was still closed due to snow in late June. Users have reported that Grinnell Glacier can still be accessed from the western side of Glacier National Park. Trip597356 wrote a review Dec. 2018. My question is, will I find out through more researching that a lot of the trails don’t open until July due to snow? It is also the Wildflower Capital of Canada and has a Wildflower Festival every midJune.

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